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Pretty Amy Project

Read the book. Tell your story.

As Amy says:

I’d wanted the words to be perfect. It seemed like they should be profound or something for as long as everyone had been waiting to hear them, but all I could say was yes. I guess sometimes saying what you mean is enough.

I know there are a lot of Amy's out there. I was an Amy and I had no one who really understood. I understand. I want to listen. I want other people to listen.
Step 1. Read PRETTY AMY (this is the easiest step)
Step 2. Write your PRETTY AMY story. Tell us how you've felt like Amy. How you got over it. How you are getting over it. How you are embracing it. Tell us anything you've been too afraid to tell before.
Step 3. Send it to Indicate whether we can use your first name or if you would like to be anonymous.
Step 4. Have the chance to be posted on my very cool author blog. (reading it makes puppies smile)

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