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"SNEAKING CANDY is fun, sexy and sweet, with a hero every reader will swoon over." Monica Murphy, New York Times Bestselling Author of One Week Girlfriend"

"Sneaking Candy lives up to it's title, it's a treat every time you pick it up!" Jennifer McLaughlin, New York Times Bestselling Author of Out of Line.

"With smart, strong leading characters, an original premise, and a plot that will keep you guessing until the end, SNEAKING CANDY is a breath of fresh air." Lyla Payne, USA Today Bestselling Author of Broken at Love

"Sneaking Candy was a page turner with a lovable heroine, an interesting story which keeps you hooked throughout and a romance that isn't just steamy, it's SUPER HOT steamy." Harlequin Junkie- TOP PICK

All I ever wanted was to make a name for myself as Candice Salinas, creative writing grad student at the University of Miami. Of course, secretly I already have made a name for myself: as Candy Sloane, self-published erotic romance writer. Though thrilled that my books are selling and I have actual fans, if anyone at UM found out, I could lose my scholarship…and the respect of my faculty advisor, grade-A-asshole Professor Dylan.

Enter James Walker, super-hot local barista and—surprise!—my student. Even though I know a relationship is totally off-limits, I can’t stop myself from sneaking around with James, taking a few cues from my own erotic writing…if you catch my drift. Candy’s showing her stripes for the first time in my real life, and I’ve never had so much fun. But when the sugar high fades, can my secrets stay under wraps

"Disturbing and Beautiful...Get ready to be more than entertained. Get ready to be changed."- Katie Kacvinsky, Author of First Comes Love

"Raw, uncompromising...Draws the reader in with taut storytelling and complex, original characters." - Holly Goldberg Sloan, Author of I'll Be There

"At this point, a pattern has been established: Lisa Burstein is brilliant. Dear Cassie is a treasure."- The Bookish Babe

"This book was amazing. The beauty & honesty of the writing is breathtaking"- Book Loving Mom

"An honest, raw, sexy night of self discovery. I loved Joe and Amy's story!"- Nyrae Dawn, Bestselling author of Charade

"Sharp, heartfelt and sexy with characters so well-developed and nuanced that they feel completely real." - Daisy Whitney, author of The Mockingbirds and When You Were Here

"A Really enjoyable and touching read that taps into heartfelt emotions about making choices between past and present."- Lauren Blakely, NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author of Caught Up In Us

"I thought this was beautiful and thoughtful. I loved going through this night with them and seeing things from both sides. Lisa Burstein is a master at making you love the characters she writes."
-Book Loving Mom

"Lyrical and playing deeply into the reader's emotions, The Next Forever shows what it feels like to question everything."
- Wintry Words Blog

"I think that anyone who likes their contemporary fiction to be sexy and intense should read THE NEXT FOREVER by Lisa Burstein. Be it your first encounter with the series or as a way to continue it, you will find THE NEXT FOREVER to be a highly enjoyable (and quick!) read."
 - MTG Reviews Blog

“A coming-of-age story without the comfort of padding…a relatable and compelling character [with] a lot of wonderful snark.” -New York Journal of Books

"If you’ve ever felt like you didn’t belong or didn’t know what you wanted to do with your life, then Pretty Amy is a must-read for you. " - Girl's Life Magazine

"4- stars! Pretty Amy will resonate with any teen considering or already on the wrong path. Burstein paints a bleak picture of teenage politics and one girl's search to fit in and be loved."- San Francisco Book Review

“A candid story that serves as a cautionary reminder against the power of peer pressure without reading like an “I told you so” lecture from an adult. Teens will be drawn in and relate to Amy’s innermost thoughts. A satisfying read”- School Library Journal

"Burstein writes this teenage misfit coming-of-age tale like she’s currently living the nightmare of it, with a strong, assured hand and a sharp tongue. Amy has an authentic, raw teen voice, the sort that is as prematurely cynical and world-weary as Holden Caulfield."- Alice Marvels

"Lisa Burstein has one of the most refreshingly real YA voices I’ve read in years.  If you’re looking for a helluva trip that begins with an imploding prom night, cruises through the murky waters of the wrong side of the law, bad boys, tough love, and toxic friendship, and ends up with all the right surprises, please get your hands on a copy of Pretty Amy – STAT! "
-- E. Kristin Anderson, Co-editor of Dear Teen Me, Authors Write Letters to their Teen Selves

"In PRETTY AMY, Lisa Burstein has masterfully captured the private heart and soul of what it means--exactly how it hurts--and how vulnerable life is for teen girls. Girls who live in a constant storm fueled by self-doubt, disconnected parents, twisted friendships and normal rebellion all wrapped up in a craving need for love and acceptance. Burstein's writing is beautifully raw and hyper-real. PRETTY AMY will shock you, make you laugh, cry, yell, cheer, look in the mirror and examine your own friendships as you relate to one or more of the unforgettable characters in this story."

-- Anne Eliot, Bestselling author of

Chosen as a Recommendation of the Week by Teen Librarian Toolbox for July 1st 2012 (Favorites that they recommend you check out ASAP.)
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